Averse to Sex

that I took hold of her lace panties, and pulled them halfway down her thighs, exposing her pussy. Then I slip a finger between her legs. " Wendy you have lied to me. Your cunt is sopping wet. You obviously got a huge thrill out of giving me a blow job. I said you look like a sophisticated whore, and now I will treat you like one for lying to

Home in Her Arms

her shoulder as she worked her magic. ‘Oh fuck, you’re so damn good at that!’ The night they had met she had shown off by tying a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue. She had an oral fixation that gave her the ability to give truly divine blow jobs and love every minute of it. Alan felt as though he were floating, his world beginning and ending

I truly love cum!

in between each orgasm. The first orgasm is 4-5 shots, really nice long ropes of cum and some big aftermath dribbles. Then a few minutes more of stroking, and boom… another couple long ropes of cum and some nice dribbles that totally cover the head. Then a few minutes MORE of stroking, and boom… another nice long spurt of cum and more liquid

The Futa Fairy - Futa Doctor's Hot Wish Chapter 1: Dr. Rita's Futa Desire

I pulled my hands from her shaft, grabbing her hips, so I could swallow more and more. Her moans grew higher and higher in pitch until my lips were pressed into her pussy. I tasted her sweet musk.Delicious. “Oh, you are spoiling my tumescent girl-cock, my dearest Dr. Rita,” she moaned, trembling, her wings a humming blur. “Oh, yes, you have such

Sandy and Frank Ch. 17

course, my bare tits were against each of them. I was surprised by how nice it was to feel my tits against the tits of each of the girls – very nice! ‘So, totally unexpectedly, Frank and my considering myself to be his mistress went from a private, loving description of our relationship, to being recognized by the whole group – I was Frank’s

Drawing Strength

to her knees in front of me, and starts the considerable task of cleaning all of her wetness from me. Tasting all her juices she has covered me in.Her eyes are coming up to meet mine. Begging."That's enough. Now, fetch me my business suit, I have a lunch to attend. Wait for my return. Maybe you will get a chance to cum when I'm back, as I take

Nicki and Jen

into town. An hour of window-shopping left me hot and thirsty, so I walked down to the seafront and found myself an ice cream. I sat on a bench and looked out across the beach and the sea. A few minutes later, as I was catching a dribble of melted ice cream with my tongue, a woman sat down on the bench: “There’s no one sitting here is there?”

Strippers and Prostitutes Ch. 11

1. This story follows on from my previous story ‘Mixed Emotions’ in which the characters are introduced and developed. It is strongly recommended that ‘Mixed Emotions’ is read first. 2. This is a work of fiction. The activities and practices described in this series are neither condoned nor recommended. If you choose to do anything described in

Honeymoon Inn

reward enough for the staff. Of course, their American Express card covered the rest, but the satisfaction of ‘cracking a really hard nut’ such as their problem was an additional reward. As they drove home in their dowdy Buick, they still held hands. Their marriage had NOT been restored…it had been established for the first time. What more could

A Christmas Wish Ch. 01

her sister’s hand tightly. ‘If you want me to sweetie.’ ‘I can’t believe that woman – Of all the nerve. Like I really need directions for what I’m about to do, geez!’ Josh said as he prepared himself for the procedure that would hopefully give him a child in nine months ~~~~~~ When Josh finished his duty he handed the specimen cup to the nurse

Fuck Pals Chapter 1

and began to slowly massage her breasts thought the thin fabric of her shirt. "Nice tits" he said as he began to fondle her nipples which had begun to get hard as he played with her tits. Kelly giggled and took his hand in hers and rubbed it around her tits eliciting a long moan from Kelly. "Fuck this" joe said as he ripped off Kelly's thin shirt

Fucking My Best Friends Dad

backyard. I was wearing a tiny white bikini, the bottoms a thong style. Let me describe myself: I am tall at 5’10”, with long legs and naturally tan skin. I have brown hair with natural golden highlights from the sun that goes down to the middle of my back. I have C cup tits that are round and firm, yet still bouncy. I have a toned stomach and

The rebirth of Andrew Bishop - chapter 30

the building. The current receptionist was nearing retirement age also but would keep working for whatever time it took to find a replacement.Lou would walk out and the next morning Dave would walk in and continue to treat the people of the local district. But for the first few months until another doctor could be found, Dr. Morton would be

Now Im Warm

yours as we stare into the night.   Even though it’s almost four in the morning, it is still relatively warm outside.   The sidewalk ends at a stairway that leads up to the road.   With every step, I can only think about what it would be like to be inside you.   I watch you step in front of me and undress you with my eyes.   Once at the top of

Emm & Pixie are ... the Women from Auntie

like.I was asked about my background, about what had happened in the Crimea and Rumania, and about my sexuality. They seemed to know more about sexual history than I remembered, and they also asked me about Emm and Ekaterina.On Monday morning I received a call telling me to present myself for an interview at an address near Whitehall. Cancelling

Harvard Hottie

were roving all over my body, taking everything in.“Fuck, baby,” he said, as he pulled mostly out and then quickly pushed back in. “Fuck!”“Fucking make me yours. Fuck me. I’m yours,” I responded, becoming more certain that it was true with every thrust. His pace reached a fever pitch, every thrust coming just a second or two after the last. I


fresh from the Stone Age, reading one conversation after another, then closing and deleting them, I then got to this one that just said “Hello” and I thought to myself “Grrrr, not another poor attempt to get my attention” but I couldn’t help clicking on the profile to take a look. There was nothing special about it, but for some reason I stopped

The Mover Ch. 01

like to ask a favor from you.’ He’d caught me off guard. ‘Sure, anything, what can I do for you?’ He smiled that crooked smile at me and said, ‘Would you please not drop your paperclips on the carpet? They clog up my vacuum cleaner.’ I gave him a little smile of my own, perhaps the first sincere smile of that long, hard day. * * * * * Penny Lynch


without him coming dislodged. He pushed into me once more until his balls were resting against my ass. Looking into my glazed eyes, he said, “You have got to be the hottest woman I’ve ever been with.”He sucked on my tits and started moving in and out again. I pulled my legs way back and offered my cum-laced cunt completely to his cock, pushing up

White slavery or is it Really part 5

the men were now helping Trina to her feet but they were using only the the big chrome nipple rings to lift her, she was still quite wobbly and could hardly stand. Sam snapped the leash onto her slave collar. She dutifully placed her wrists behind her back and one of the men locked the cuffs together. She cast Napoleon a longing and satisfied

rich boy$ love 60

in the mood for a peice of your sweet ass babe" harvey smiled at me and said "well babe you got to have something to eat and then wait a bit before we go back into our bedroom because your mom is coming round in a hour to see you about your brothers electronic tagg appeal" "cant we foul around a little" as i was saying that i undid harveys belt


easily kiss the top of my head, and often did. A charming show of affection I should never grow tired of.We stood in the large outdoor section of a huge home and garden center in North Phoenix, Arizona. We had come down from the mountains of Flagstaff to visit my parents for a few days, and were taking the opportunity to get some errands done

National Park Winter and Group Sex

while jostling with three cocks around her face, Kiet's enters her from below. Anya briefly removes her mouth from Sacha's thick, wet cock, and while continuing to grasp the other two cocks, gasps with pleasure as Kiet holds her bare white ass and slides his entire length in Anya's pussy, up to his purple sack.All four young men moan as Anya, on

Owned Teacher Series Chapter 01-12

to Mrs. C. for money. Mrs. C. quickly dug in her purse and handed Lisa money hoping they didn't recognize her. Since it was getting dark the clerk really couldn't see anything but Mary almost died when she said, "Hi Mrs. Clark." The clerk knew the car."Hi", responded Mary as she wanted to crawl under the seat.Lisa pulled into the lot and parked

My Master

belongs to Him, she is His...His breath hot on her face as He speaks to her. Her body shivers in ecstasy as she feels Him grasp her binds and pull her to Him. One of His hands holds her by the cuffs, the other reaches for her hair and He pulls her head back and gently He lowers His lips to hers...Their kiss starts slow and easy, His tongue

Her Toy 2

me in that submissive perfection.... “Anything baby. Anything.... you know that.” Your eyes lower slightly in that sluttish little grin and I growl in reflex. You know you read my mind as she slithers around to your side and light starts playfully pawing at your soft gorgeous tits in that pretty bra. She looks over and whispers to me “you're

Last one to know, Chapter Five

to toy cock to the hilt. I told Tammy I was about to cum in case she wanted to pull back little. She just pulled down harder on my hips. The tip of the toy was massaging my prostrate and Tammy’s throat muscles took me over the edge. The cum started flowing and flowing. I remember Beth letting out a very loud and long moan then collapsing on

My First Boyfriend – Part One

we did. With both of us being the new kids on the block we bonded quickly. He was two years older than me at eighteen and I had just turned sixteen a few months back. He was also taller and had more muscles than I did. He had tan skin and black hair where I was pale and had brown hair. He stood almost six feet tall and I was about five foot six.

Perfect Rear

onto my hand as I explored the insides of her dark passage. Before returning my prick to her anus I smeared it with even more saliva. With a deep sigh, relaxing her sphincter she arched her beautiful ass before thrusting backwards, impaling herself onto my thick cock. ‘Oh, yes, I love that…’ She moaned gently pulling forward. As she did I felt

Blindfold Fantasy

pulled me to the edge of the seat so that they could have easy access to my pussy. One of them started finger fucking me whilst the other played with my clit. Orgasms were shooting off faster than I could count. I was in orgasmic heaven. I don't know how long this went on for but eventually the car stopped. I was ushered out and as I stood there,

The sex joke and how it really happened

when my (16)-year-old sister, Joan skipped into my room. She is three years younger than me but we have always gotten along well. She waved a five-dollar bill in the air and danced around a little. You could tell that she was happy. Whered you get that? I asked. Donny, Frank and Jim gave it to me. They said that if I would take my panties off and

My Cousin. My Lover

with lots of thick dark hair and has always had these gorgeous blue eyes. This was the first time I had ever seen a mans naked body and I was instantly excited. I remember my heart racing and not really being sure if I should let him know I was watching or if I should even be watching. I could not turn my eyes away and after what seemed a very

New Experience

depths with my nine inch long cock. Alison has always been aloof. Julia's universe is centered on her vagina and the telephone pole sized cock that is beginning to stroke in and out of her. She would have had the will power to force any man she dated to don a prophylactic before he could enter her. But, with this tall aggressive man, she lay back

Brandi’s Slutty Adventures Ch. 04

been able to find it America,’ I said. ‘Thank you, I am glad you liked it. That is the purpose of our trip. We are going to sell our champagne in America,’ Rene said. ‘Great, I can’t wait for that,’ I said. ‘Would you like to go out to the balcony and enjoy the champagne, we have a lovely view and perhaps we could use the Jacuzzi tub,’ Rene


and moaning like a whore in heat. I began to take control of this situation, pulling Trevor back by the ass over my mouth, then pushing him away. I was using his ass to fuck my mouth, and I wasn’t being gentle on myself. I would pull him strongly over my face; I could hear the loud collision of his ass young, tight meeting my mouth. For some

The Wicked Witches of Oz Ch. 05

a three-foot long, black leather crop with a leather flap at the business end, she slashed the air with it as she brought it back and handed it to me. As she did so I grabbed her by the back of the neck and pulled her in to me for a hard kiss, knocking loose some of her elaborate hair design, ‘Thank you my faithful one,’ I said and she smiled

Bluey Toohey Makes it Happen

appearances, be interviewed by magazine journalists and to appear on local or even network TV as part of his contractual duties. Apart from squeezing out more money Bluey had negotiated that Lacey be appointed his ‘minder’. ‘Why?’ Gary had demanded when that condition was presented. ‘Because I don’t know America and don’t speak American and so if

Dad Doesnt Stand A Chance: Part 8

It was going to be a good day. When I was done eating, a friend of Tommys asked me if I wanted to go down to the supermarket to grab some snacks for the game. You would swear by my reaction, I thought hed just asked me on a date. His name was Justin and I had a major crush on him. He was just a junior at Tommys school but he gained their respect


morningIt had been a long night spent tossing and turning and I just couldn't sleep. I'd had strange dreams and was very hot when  I woke in the morning tangled in my sheet with no clothes on except for my black lace panties. I was also very aroused.I knew I wouldn't make it through the day without doing something about it, so I slid off my

Rock Star Ch. 05

that separated them. He sighed with pleasure, when he finally managed to pull her panties away, enjoying the feel of her wet lips against his blood engorged prick. His middle finger found her clit, and his slow rubbing made her kiss him harder. Their breath was bursting through their mouths and noses in short salvos, as their pace increased the

Melanie Ch. 03

creaking. In the midst of rising off the floor she felt his large hands grasp her hips. As though once more gripped in bondage she was immobile bent forward. A sense of humiliation washed over on hearing the disgusting ribald remarks leaving her swooning.She knew what was happening but time stood still freezing her reactions. The horrid shouts

Office Fantasy

gag as he spanked her over and over. The tears soaked the blindfold, and the whimpers were barely audible with the gag in her mouth. He drew her red lace panties down and began to caress her warm flesh."Lily, my dear I am so glad that you told me what turns you on" he asserted. He reached down to her pussy and laughed because she was wet. He

Glamour Shots, Chapter 2

he was always busy changing lenses or fiddling with his equipment.” I grumbled “Yeah, well if I was watching you cavorting around dressed like that I’m sure I’d be fiddling with my equipment too.” She caught my double-entendre almost immediately, and gave a surprised laugh. “I was not cavorting, and that’s not what I meant, and you’re not funny!”

Dream Come True

pecking it with a kiss, which made him laugh. I rolled I down and used the pre cum on the bed sheets to make it slightly slick. I moved my hand up and down several times until he grabbed my hand away and pushed me back down on the bed.  Without giving me the time to catch my breath after having been whacked onto the mattress, he plunged deep into


tail as she spotted the lady whom her master had been talking to on the balcony earlier. Off duty now and without her harness, she was free to show affection to whomever she liked. ‘Excuse me, Katherine, could you spare me a minute, I would like to have a quick word with you?’ ‘Yes, Madam, what can I do to help you?’ Katherine had seen the

A Likely Story Chapter One

back with the rest of the six pack from the fridge, handing one to James. Sounds good, gotta love giant insects! Chris enthused. We chatted for a while and drank our beers as I waited for Amy. I was going out to a hens night for one of Amys friends who I didnt know all that well. This gave my boyfriend and James a chance to watch crappy

iCarly: iHave Sex – Part 2

were still breathing heavily and sweating, and they just sat there, staring at the beauty of their partner. In less than 24 hours, they had transformed from friends to lovers, from neighbors to objects of affection, from common teenagers to experienced sex partners. They had gone on a passionate journey, and after this encounter, they both knew

From Second String To First String

by a good college in Florida. The first year was pretty rough but I was able to pass all of my courses, and was able to remain on the football team as a second string safety. Unfortunately, as hard as I played and practiced I couldn’t move up to first string. When I asked the coach what I could do to to move up he said that I needed to bulk up

Microtherapy with Dr. Marilyn

sex eyes, Stuart bent down and stuck his face in Marilyn’s cunt. He slowly lapped up his cum mixed with Marilyn’s juices, all the while massaging her pussy lips with his tongue. This was Stuart’s favorite part of the job, licking semen from the doctor’s pussy. This was his daily therapy. He finished cleaning Marilyn and stood up. With a single

His Perfect Little Whore

restraints from my slave. We grin at one another as he goes into the kitchen to grab dinner before taking a seat on the couch behind the camera.Grabbing her leash, I hook it to my slut, before gesturing to my quest to walk over. I hand her the leash. She too grins at me before leading my sexy little slave to the center of the room. I go and sit


I would have pushed my tongue in and as far up his chute as possible. I continued my ministrations until he was whimpering and almost sobbing. All this time my now unattended cock was throbbing and jumping and drooling pre-cum, wanting to get in on the action. If I had thought about a condom it wouldn’t have mattered. I didn’t have any. As for

My First Time With Her

sucking and nibbling my one nipple while she pinches and tugs on the other. And then she switches and starts to nibble the other one.I am moaning loudly and squirming around on the bed. Every time Margret nibbles or pinches my nipples it sends shocks down into my clit. I can tell my shorts are already soaked with my juices.I groan as Margret


and clench both my holes."I'm going to cum all inside your ass," he whispered in my ear, rocking in and out of my butt hole, entering slightly harder each time.He was hurting my virginal little hole but I didn't stop him and he kept going at it like a man possessed."You are so fucking tight," he whispered, "I like this better than your cunt."I

Slut of the school

noisy Kolkata traffic. Nobody in the front rows could see what was happening at the back.I was almost naked as boy after boy violated me. After some time the pain subsided and I began to enjoy the fucking. As my home came cum was oozing out of my pussy som Rajiv put my panties on and let me go.“I hope you are comi9ng to school tomorrow. You are

Gender Bender- Bimboification Slut

flirting with the men in my classes, who gawked at the new girl in the class. Over the next week my body became thicker and my tits grew until they were E cups, with large areolas and I developed a thick ass to accompany it. I overheard some of my old friends talking about a party that was happening that weekend, and how I had mysteriously left

Briana Does Jamaica

dresses, daisy-dukes, sandals, and teeny bikinis. The island experiences less rainfall during the winter months than it does during the summer. Although the majority of the people on the island are poor and the majority of the small villages don’t have much to offer, there are many places reserved for tourists that reveal the tropical paradise

Hip-hop group

Nattie, was on her back getting licked and fingered her pussy by a slender black girl. The three men were all in their boxers sitting around the two girls cheering them on. Me and the third bitch were sitting in the middle of the second bed nipping on the bottle and talking about fucking guys.I was studying a tattoo on her tit when she asked “You

Lilys last summer pt 3: The pool party

and pushed his cock in as hard as he could. Lilys eyes widend and her breath left her. It was an exsperience like she had never felt. It was like being born and seeing the world for the first time. She saw all the time she spent with Ben flash before her eyes and it was all leading to this moment. Her breath returned to her and Ben smiled.

Legend of the Spidery Things Ch. 02

go to meetings and report to probation officers. Oh these powers fueling the worldwide plague were mighty big about meetings. Some have posited this fetish for meetings fertilized dormant seeds and others contend the seeds were the meetings themselves. Oh I don’t know. Fairly unfathomable way to exist to me too, meeting minutes, recitation of


now baby’ it’s something else that happens when boys get older‘So it is the sex thing then?’‘Errrrmmmmm, no just because it gets hard doesn’t mean the boy wants sex. Normally it’s because he sees a girl that’s really pretty'‘So you think I’m pretty daddy?’‘Of course I do... you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and always have been since

Wait, I Can No Longer

she was already opening the door.I couldn't see anything but I could feel the bed depress by my feet as she crawled to left of my bed. I was suddenly reminded of the nights when she was ten and I was eighteen, she would crawl up beside in my bed because she had those terrible nightmares. I always told myself to not fall asleep, that way I could

Friends become lovers

I licked the whole load from my hand. “ Dirty bitch. Come and sit on my knee!” I slowly sat on his knee and now Mike released my cock and began to wank me. The feeling of someone else’s hand on my cock was electric and it took only a few strokes before my orgasm shot spunk onto Mike’s thighs. “ Dare you,” I smiled. Mike took my load onto a finger

Oddball 3

again that she didn't want to talk to him.“Oh yea, well I dunno I've seen you a lot since middle school and I just figured we could be friends.”“Yep, I guess” Autumn slumped back in the chair and looked at her pink and gray Nike shoes. She wondered if they really matched her gray and pink shirt, they were exactly the same colors but the swoosh

ASMTD Ch. 08

that.’ I salute her, and she flips me the bird, laughing, ‘Dude, I’m going to need it.’ *** ‘This doesn’t look right, does it?’ I say as Leo and I step off the bus and into a dimly lit parking lot with graffitied walls and loiters galore. He hikes his backpack higher and stands closer to me, slinging a protective arm around my waist. ‘It does

Secret Housewives Society

the day moved slowly as thoughts of visiting Mrs. Johnson after school swam in my head. Did she really need her walls painted? Once my last class ended I hurried to the senior parking lot and got in my car, throwing my bookbag into the backseat and starting the car, almost pulling out of my parking spot before realizing I had to wait for my

A Weekend Getaway - Part 1

love seat was too small for this guy to sleep on comfortably. Maybe there was a cot somewhere that I hadn't seen yet. And the bedroom was a loft, looking down into the bottom floor, there was no wall separating us. Sex was going to be on the sly, if at all. What the fuck?! "I don't understand," I said finally. "Where's he going to sleep?" "Oh,

A New Job/Part 2 My First Day

the Fed Ex package arrived. The events of the last interview had often stirred my thoughts, I was a caldron of emotive confusion. I often found myself, late at night, stroking my cock as I reviewed all that occurred during that brief interview-her powerful demeanor, her cropping of my ass, her statuesque body, and yes the gift of the red pantie.

Running for lust

half-stock. This time of year, women wearing little sports vest tops and shorts makes me think of sex even more. This morning when I returned to my flat, there was no water. I was hot with a sheen of sweat, ready for a long cool shower and some fun with my hand. Luckily for me, my friend Kira from college lives about half a mile away. So there

A Visit to a Fan Ch. 10

comforter, pausing to admire the beautiful contrast of her chocolate brown skin against it before lowering himself on top of her, taking her mouth again before moving down to taste her nipples. She half-groaned, half-whimpered, an electrifying sound that made his cock harden even more and he slid back up to kiss her again before moving back down.

Black Men are Perfect

stalwart Black female candidate and instead chose a sneaky White woman and a Black male buffoon. My heart bleeds for this Black woman whom the city passed up on. She’s so smart, friendly, educated and clearly devoted to ensuring the well-being of Atlanta’s racially diverse communities. Yet the majority of Atlanta’s African-American voters chose

The Christmas Dumpster

neither daring to move, somehow reluctant to take the chance to touch. Finally Albert reached his hand and brushed his fingers across her cheek, moving his hand down to her neck. Gently pulling her toward him as he tilted his head and they kissed, at first just lightly touching lips, then as his tongue touched her lips, she opened her mouth and

My best friends boyfriend

others noticed how we looked at each other. Even my friend would ask me if there was anything going on between us, and I would tell her no. It got so bad that I decided to stop coming around. One night after about six months of not seeing them, I had a dream about him. The dream was so powerful that I decided to find out where they had moved to

The week gets better still ( Pt 4 )

my butt. The guys eyes just about popped out, as Prince began to howl, and the feeling of his cum hit home, then they guy also let loose, I could see him trying to stay in me, as he cum. After a few minutes his cock dropped out and Princes felt looser. But his knot still held tight, but then a feeling of emptiness and hot cum running down my legs

Cock, The Roach

the trees seemed to have grown with little aspiration, yet overly fattened by the rain. Chapter 2 – Clique Nation ‘This is Randalf. He’s a-coming from up North,’ announced the white-browed journalism teacher of First Person Journalism 136. ‘There’ good-uns here. You might can leave your forner habits behind. Have a seat next to Tricia.’ Tricia

Cruise Ship Hypnosis Pt. 02 Ch. 01

‘That’s what really shocked me! The chance that you would get her pregnant sent a wave of heat through me! For some ungodly reason, that thought really thrilled me. I can’t understand it or defend it, but that is what happened.’ ‘My god, that certainly changes things! All right, I’m bowledover! I’m really going to have to work on comprehending

Sex in a hollow tree

cumming, fuck,” you managed.I love how you sometimes have these second, unexpected orgasms. I did not have another one left in me there unless I rested for ten minutes.I pulled out of you and we turned around and hugged. I held you close like the most precious gift in the world, which you are of course.We finished up after that rather quickly


to do things for me.""What... what kind of things?""Are you wearing a skirt to work tomorrow?""I can.""Do it. A short one. And check your messages at lunch."A long night goes by, and I man my post as best as I can without spending too much time checking my phone. She's never online during the day with her busy schedule, but at lunchtime, there

Setting Up Hubby With Our Babysitter

and was hooked from then on. I did know some girls whose first experiences were bummers but mine was wonderful. Just got the right guy, I guess. He took his time and got me so hot with his tongue, I think I cummed at least three times, we spent the whole day at his parent’s lake camp, naked from about nine in the morning until after midnight.

Two Friends Use My Spare Room For Meetings

I had a friend named Carrie and she was married and seeing a guy on the side. Hi Everyone. I hope everyone is well and having nice things happen. I am doing really great and geting back into the swing of things now. I am healed up rather well but my obgyn dr says I have to be careful so I still do not go crazy as much as I want to. I was reading

My Mother, a Free Spirit

hold of Rachel's little perky ass and fondled with it so much so that her mini skirt moved up exposing her bare, panty less ass in the open. They all got inside the car and soon the car disappeared around the corner.Rachel always enjoyed her life to the fullest, she liked going out and often stayed away partying all night with bikers, surfers,

A Story from My Wife

in his hind pocket for a folded printout from work. The number heralded it as a local dominatrix, "Villia," whose professional attributes her website called, "unusual, arousing and brutal". Among the things he had learned from the online grapevine about her were a generous flexibility in suiting her clients' tastes coupled with a commanding,

Letter from West Hollywood

in our upstairs bed?""I--that gets me all hot and bothered. It really shouldn't.""Why, are you some kind of women's libber? My mother is on the board of about five women's organizations, she gives money to #Metoo and "Take Back the Night" anti-rape groups...""But when it's voluntary?""Yes. She is a voluntary slave-girl. A fifty-three year old

The sex joke and how it really happened

few feels of her tits when nobody was looking and she got one good grab of my cock in my pants which was almost always hard around her now. I admit that I was not paying the attention that I should to my girlfriend and Betty was feeling put out about it but I was spending all my time thinking about my sexy little sister. Saturday night Mom's

Push Me Ch. 01

we got back to the table. They both knew how to play ‘regular pool’, or 8-ball, but nothing else, and neither had played much. I could feel the competitive streak in Shelly though. I didn’t want to exclude either of them from the game, so I taught them an easy 3 person game called cut-throat. They were delighted that they we could all play at

A Hot Wife Is Created

legs inviting him in, inviting him to fuck me. He climbed up between my legs and lifted my hips up to meet his cock. I looked at his hard cock pointing at my pussy. I smiled and watched as he pushed inside me! “OH FUCK!” I said to myself as I felt his cock press into me. I savored the moment. I had another man’s cock inside my pussy. He moaned

Cum-and-Piss Slut

up. While I did, I felt something hot and wet hit my hair. I looked up and saw him pouring the bottle of piss onto my head. The smell overwhelmed me and I tried not to gag. After I had finished cleaning up the pee, my master grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up to my feet. He thrust the bottle back into my hand. It was now about

Heather and Bryan’s New Life

do you ever not look gorgeous?’ Bryan flattered her. In a gauzy summer frock, she did indeed look delectable and Bryan already felt his libido rising. There was something about all of the women in his family that got to him. ‘Listen to you, a newlywed and you’re already lusting after other women,’ Alexus teased as she kissed him in a way most

Surprise Adventure in Tokyo

on my mother’s side and half-American on my father’s side. My parents met at USC in the 1970s while my mother was an exchange student. With my ‘hapa’ (half-Japanese) features, I was sought after during my teens and early twenties as a popular model in Japan, Hawaii, and California. I starred in countless ads for fashionable clothing, cosmetics,

An Arranged Marriage - Part V

young and I had so much else that I wanted to do to her my bed and Sunita beckoned.“Time for bed my beautiful Veshya,” I told her closing the door behind us.She smiled and lifted the duvet for me before quickly removing her Basque and stockings. As she began to climb into bed I shook my head and motioned for her to lie down with her head towards

Nancy For Lunch

up at her like a puppy begging to be petted. He twitched, flexing his muscles as if showing off, and she lowered my shorts, partially freeing me from my cotton containment. Her fingers felt soft and cool as she stroked down my length and then up, following the vein on the side. I watched as her hand performed its gentle magic, causing me to

Ghostly Chains

excitement torturously slowly. You find yourself wanting to move, to moan, to tear off your clothes and use your own fingers to speed yourself to orgasm, almost unable to bear the slow, wonderful, pleasurable tension that begins to make your muscles jerk and twitch. You feel the wetness that soaks you now beginning to seep through your pants, and

I want to kiss both of you

don’t you?” Nether of them said a word. “And what I would like to do is… kiss both of you.” Lin smiled and leaned forward slightly, so I leaned towards her, put a hand around her head and kissed her gently on the lips. My other hand was on Wanda’s leg, and it gripped her more tightly to maintain my balance. Her thigh muscles tensed and I felt

Something To Talk About

into believing. I, however, was going to be different. I wasn’t going to fall into the money game. I was determined not to compromise my artistic principles for mere money, nope, not me. I had artistic integrity. Well, that was before I bought a house, a car and opened my own studio. For some stupid reason, Bank Of America doesn’t honor

The Nightmare inside: Chapter 3

only response she received was a loud excited giggle. At that moment she realized it came from her mouth and then her body pushed back hard onto Danny taking him fully.She could feel the excitement and the pleasure coursing through her as they fucked her. Mike had her by the hair and pushed his cock deep down her throat. He pumped his hips harder

True Story: How We Tricked The Census Lady Into Watching Us

catch us doing something sexual. Well Sunday arrived and by 12h00 we were both walking around naked, afraid that we would not be ready for action when she arrived. With all the trees and shrubs in the garden we were reasonably semi private and we sat around in the back garden, horny as hell. We got a fire lit to cook some meat, poured a drink,

Recovery of a Hero Ch. 15

myself. They aren’t the cheapest but they take care of you when you need it. I have full coverage for this beast, the bus and my car. I even get breakdown assistance from them as part of the policy.’ Uncle Dar said, ‘That sounds good. Lets go there next and see what they say.’ We went to Megan’s insurance company, and she took him in while the


and you don't take photos of whores in sarees.If I oppose he would laugh at me for my ignorance so I went with the flow .After cutting it he was observing my thighs closely and was squeezing them and touching them in the pretence of seeing how's the skirt , he was keeping his hands on the legs and all the time while asking how the dress now to

I finally fucked my roommates babe of a girlfriend

screaming and moaning as she gets close to orgasm. She manages to say “I’m cumming!” I pull back a little and watch as hot cum drips out of her pussy. I go back and start by kissing her stomach, then make my way up slowly. We start making out again and I position my dick on her pussy. I rub it over her lips and clit before finally pushing it in.

Tweaking Leads to Fucking - Part 2

I stared at the boy’s raw, gaping hole with cum bubbling out of it and it made me intensely harder. I couldn’t wait and I pushed my cock up the boy’s slimy ass and began jamming as deep as I could into his hole. I started biting and licking the boy’s neck and then told him to turn his head around and I shoved my tongue in his mouth. He seemed

Crossing The Street 3

didn’t care. My already dripping cunt pulsed at the sight of the toy. Silent and eager, my eye measured the size and my brain compared it to Mitch. A little longer. A lot thicker. I imagined the stretch, the tightness, the completely filled feeling. I felt a clutching pulse between my legs and whimpered, but felt a little, well, short changed.

A Walk Around the Lake, Chapter 13

his face as he planned the night he would "pop the question".  He imagined the look of love on her face, when he opened the lid of the velvet ring box to reveal a perfect diamond set in platinum.    He curled into her side and held her gently in his arms.  His heart was nearly bursting with the love he felt for this woman.  He closed his eyes

Whites vs. Blacks - Who Can Win the Interracial Sex Battle?- Part 2

forced to stop sucking his cock. He thought to himself "Pheewph, Dam!!!! DAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMM, I got to be more careful, dat white hoe almost got me to cum there. Close call, but now she's mine." Justin pounced on her slip of the tongue, "You'll do anything for me? ANYTHING ???? I can think of so many things I want to do to u!" "No, You idiot,

Hubby’s Surprise

to the floor. He slowly unbuttons her blouse, revealing a black lace teddy. He pushes the blouse off and starts on her skirt. While unfastening the skirt, he starts to nibble on her ear and neck. As the skirt falls, he finds that the teddy has a thong panty. He also finds that she is wearing thigh high stockings. His cock starts to rise at the


going to use on me. Soft buzzing reaches my ears a second before I feel the vibrations on my clit. I bite my lip and grip headboard as my pussy is filled by the fake cock, I wish desperately it's you inside me. Thrusting my hips furiously I make sure the entire length of the toy is being worked in and out of me. Movements from you stop and I lose

Morning Swim

You watch her as she stands up and wraps the towel around herself. Her legs are long and lean as she dries the last few splashes of water off. Her chest is large and her boobs have a gorgeous curve and are pert and bouncy. Her jaw line is strong and she has a lovely smile with full red lips. Her eyes are dark but have a sparkle as she looks up

Airport Rendezvous

I feel more naked than clothed as I come out of the dressing room in silky teddies and other such garments. The store was not crowded, so no one saw you slip into the change room with me. The stall had a fitting door and a lock, but it was small. I pressed against the wall with your body against me as you told me how much the piece of silk

Alice, the New Maid

wide apart. “See, you are remembering things better already. You spread your legs on your own. Now this will be stroke number one again.” Alice felt the tapping again, the whistle, then Crack! Although it stung as much as before, Alice said, “One. Thank you, sir.” She was proud of herself, because she stayed in position. Tap, whistle, Crack!

Visiting My Estranged Brother

wing? My mouth grew very dry from the anticipation and I looked to my side and there was a middle aged man who looked like he hadn’t had any sleep. He had those caring eyes that not too many people had, he gave me a warming smile and laughed and said, ‘Well, what might a little country girl be doing flying to the big city?’ I giggled

North Adelaide Toilet Block Suck

in the summer of 2004.I went to the toilet at the shopping centre in North Adelaide and while I was getting my cock out I heard a noise coming from one of the stalls. I’m ok with guys wanking off in toilets, no big deal, but this time I just felt a need to check it out.There were 4 cubicles and I sat down in the one next to the guy making the

Cruising The Drive In

all of my friends were at home with family. I was really bored and I asked my dad if I could take the van and go to the movies. He said it was ok and told me to be home by midnight. The van was a 1977 Chevy van, it was brown in color and had the moon windows cut into the side. It had the typical ‘Captain’ s chairs’ up front and in the back had


begged. “I need you inside of me.” He pulled the lace panties down over her hips and moved up between her thighs. His thick cock parted her wet pussy lips and stretched her wonderfully as he sunk deep inside of her. She moaned loudly and wrapped her arms and legs around him. Her fingernails raked his back as the first orgasm ripped through her

Welcome Home Honey Part 2

him. His is getting the picture now. I tell Stan to get up to his knees. I know how much you want to fuck my sweet pussy but you have not earned it yet. Right now my ass still needs tending to. I bend over and present my ass to him. He licks clean the remainder of piss and pussy juice that remains on my ass and pussy. Okay, now your dick! Taking

Appliance Repairman

he carried me to the dining room where he hefted me up onto the café dining room table and setting me down. As my ass hit the table he quickly grabbed the bottom of the tee shirt and pulled it over my head and throwing it back towards the kitchen. He grabbed my tits and began to squeeze and twist them until he began to pay attention to the chain

Post War

Swift sat down and immediately pulled her chair very close up to Jenny, "I'm so pleased you accepted my invitation to come and live with me my child," she said in a half whisper. "I'm not sure how aware you were of your father and my disagreement, but be assured it is water-under-the-bridge and I still loved him and was devastated when I heard of

Wife Becomes An Actress - Act 3

and wrapped my arms around him and we kissed. Sandra came over to us and said, “Lisa, you were fantastic. Come in around three and we will go over the reviews. Cross your fingers and let’s hope half of them are good.” I turned and said, “Half, my ass. They should all be great.” Sandra said, “That’s the spirit. Now go. You worked hard.” As she

Playing It Cool

she would have crashed to the ground. She attempted walking again, but had to stem another shriek. Danny felt her slight weight as she gasped, ‘Look, would you mind if I carried you? We’re not going anywhere fast with you like this.’ ‘O-O-OK. Please…my skirt…’ He looked down. It was rather short, barely visible under her hip-length coat. ‘I’ll

Study Buddy Ch. 02

rub his hands up her inner thighs, massaging in slow circles. ‘Good girl, just relax,’ he whispered, soothing her with his gentle rubbing. She let her head fall back and closed her eyes as that warm tingly feeling spread through her again. She expected him to stop massaging her when his hands reached the apex of her thighs, but he continued on

Chance meeting with Stacie

the day, but the boss was around and some drivers were still on the premises. I don’t know why, but I patted Stacie’s cute arse as she bent over the machine. You see Stacie and I have worked together for over four years but don’t exactly see eye to eye. Stacie is the office manager and I am just a driver, she always looks hot and I am mostly

Down Mexico Way

That sounded too much like marriage. No, thanks.When I was first exploring the idea of moving down here I made the acquaintance of an expatriate Brit by the name of Colin. We're about the same age. Colin took me under his wing and educated me regarding Mexican law and dealing with the local bureaucracy. He also helped me find a decent and

The Beast in The Boss

is swelling and growing hot with the increased blood flow… the heat feels great against the tight skin of my shaft and the sensitive tip… She’s soooo wet! She fucking loves it! I am nearing an awe-inspiring orgasm, and so invigorated I could almost lift my head and howl at the moon… Bang! I feel sudden searing pain in my knee. I give a little

Redeeming Lust Part Three

like hours was actually a quick fifteen minute drive. Not even locking the door on my car, I fled to my apartment and up the stairs. Vincent would probably be late I realized, he always was. Busting through my apartment door I made way for my bedroom. Changing rapidly into shorts and a t-shirt. I put my now unruly sex hair into a bun and stuffed

First Fantasy

all around me as I tried to combat all the early thoughts I had let fill my head at work. When I arrived I was greeted at the door by my two youngest daughters. I bent down giving Savannah, my six-year-old a kiss on the cheek. "Ah! How was mama's little girl today?" I asked stepping inside the door and closing it behind me."It was great mama! I

Trac's abduction & rape 1

She screamed and tried to get away from his prying fingers on her pussy even though she felt the heat building in her pussy and stomach. He slapped her ass hard several times and grabbed her by the hair on her head pulling her to her feet. He said “I think it is time to get serious about having some fun with you. “ He pulled her by the hair to

A Bath with Cherie

expression on her face. "Ahhhh... this feels nice," she sighed. The tub was so large that the two of us could sit quite comfortably, and even though I was still a bit astonished at my daughter's boldness, I was finding it a bit titillating as well. I was puzzled at first by the slight arousal I felt, a ripple of heat that wasn't from the

Office Affair

and didn't try to push it in. I kept lowering myself, as if I was just sitting down, and the head of his cock went up my asshole.I continued taking it in me, just a little at a time. For just the second time in my life I felt the head of a cock finding its way up into my stomach. I don't know why I waited so long to try this; it was not the

Four Hours of Forced Orgasms

shove your finger into your pussy.. once only and very quickly take it out," He ordered."Yes, Sir," I said as the middle finger of my right hand plunged deep into my wet pussy and then removed it."Lick your wetness off of your finger..."Moaning I replied "so wet Sir.. so sweet...""Now get back to caressing.""Yes, Master."His voice came clear and

Supergirl Part 2

11As the jet flew across Europe that night I sat holding a drink with both of my hands in the co-pilot seat next to Kelly.We were on our way to Paris where there was a safe house Kelly told me. After taking off I had taken a shower and changed into jeans and a T-shirt.“Kelly, what do we do now?” I said.“Well, you are Supergirl, and that’s your

Mr. No name

under his wife beater. Oh he was it. I wanted him. I needed to feel him. I didn't know why or how I could instantly get turned on by him but I was. I needed to fuck him and soon because my pussy began to throb at the thought of what me and him could do. "Well sweetie I can take you where ever you need to go." he stated snapping me out my fantasy

Road Warrior: Barcelona Ch. 02

your experience, is to help us to frame the problem so we understand it better.’ We chatted about the issues some more, then the captain excused himself. Terry and I made an appointment to meet for breakfast when he would give me some case histories to study. I took Ana to the Concierge Club on the same deck as our suite. Everyone that was booked

And She Saw Him

around her waist. There wasn’t even time to take her wet panties off. He pushed them to the side, took in her shaved pussy, and simultaneously slid his middle finger into her as he brought his watering mouth to her clit. His rough fingers felt amazing him her soft, tight self. She moaned loudly which made him start faster and harder. She was

Finding Sister

but it was long and glowed like gold in those bright and foreign rays. It fell on her shoulders, which were bare along with her arms and tiny hands that seemed to be forcing the curtains open against their will. Jaime was wearing a white bra and panties, and I followed her form with my eyes down her flanks, over her full, round hips, around her

Bedroom Antics

tradesman, it must be admitted, but not a gentleman, be he titled or not.In the dining room sat two couples eating dinner. The master of the house, James Robinson was a mill owner, and a very successful one, His guest, John Smith was rather younger, but had lately made a good deal of money in the new-fangled railways. Their wives were in

Rock N’ Roll Fantasy Ch. 4

growing antsy. It was now five minutes passed stage all and Rick was still in his dressing room. Applause, whistles and chants of “Rick, Rick, Rick” filled the hall with a noise as loud as would be sent out by the big amplifiers when the bands guitar’s began screaming. Randy walked over to his wife, Alicia to wish her luck as he did before every


with that hard cock Harry…. Give it to me.”             Kim’s juices were now flowing as she rubbed her pussy, sliding her fingers into her hot recesses.   She reached out and balanced herself on the edge of the bed, as she felt her legs go weak             Harry began a slow steady rhythm sliding his cock in and out of Julie’s pussy….she began

GF first time not with me. Cuckold

was there, losing some other guy, getting fucked bare. She layed on her back and he kept on fucking her. I was getting hard and excited, as if I was watching a porn, only, the actress, was my girlfried. I wanted to start and jerk off, but I didn’t. She had an orgasm and I felt sad beacause I wasn’t the one to give it to her. R finally was about

Steam powered attraction

she now feared what was to come, she did not want to go back to that cage, but neither did she want to trade it for another, all be it a far nicer one. Me? You can call me…Obe, Im a pirate and a thief little girl. She could here him chuckle and from how it sounded, bite into an apple, chewing as he continued to speak. I dont want anything from

A Thanksgiving to remember

a huge house with many rooms and pool outside. It was far to cold for the pool. I got bored so I deiced to go to the den and watch some football on the big screen. I got down into the large den that was in the basement of the house and it was quite dark and secluded with a big leather couch I plopped down and started to flip through the

Sperm Donation 4

stop by the clinic afterwork.After work he again found thenon-descript building in theindustrial park. He went in thefront door and was again told towait. He sat down in the waitingarea and grabbed a magazine.He spent the next few minutesidly leafing through magazineswhile he waited.After a few minutes of waiting Jacksaw Karen come out of one of

Our new baby sitter's mum (4)

at school, that's not how you get pregnant.”Veronica laughed. “OK. Usually for teen-aged girls I recommend one of the long term contraceptives. That way you don't have to worry about remembering to take a pill every night. However, although they are all very good none is 100% reliable. I want you and your mother to talk about what you would do if

The King of Spin Has His Head Turned

her clit with her flickering tongue distracting Beth from her daughter’s arrival. A second orgasm built and again she cried out, her fingers gripping and pulling on the pink ropes as her body twisted in tortured release. Maybe the flu had relaxed her? Maybe it was having the amazingly beautiful Tory between her thighs? Maybe it was the lack of

My tit wank fantasy

That’s it, have a good look! “I’m locked out. Just wondered if you could let me ring the lock people from your phone?” Hello! My face is here! “Oh thank you. Yeah… the towel is a bit short, I know!” I’m glad I’m so blonde. You can’t see the soft, downy hairs on my legs. “A coffee? Yes, I’d love one thank you.” Ah… you’re a good guy. Can’t blame

Oren part 3

leaned up, moved his hand and kissed him fiercely. He returned it with equal passion and began grinding himself down onto me harder. When we broke away I looked down to watch as he rode my leg. He was pressing himself down harder than I had been and was rocking slower. I could tell that it hurt more as he leaned his head against my shoulder.

Captive Ch. 09

my back. He began to kiss and caress my skin as i had done to His. He left a trail of kisses from my neck down to my stomach stopping only a moment to get me to move my legs apart and continued to kiss His way down to my clit. The whole time i was biting on my lip trying not to purr. i didn't want to give U/us away to the men outside that door.He

Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife 8

and she gasped from the unexpected rush of pleasure, and then snaked his hands lower towards her clean shaven pussy. His subtle touch was unnecessary though; as she was already soaking wet from the moment she felt his approaching body heat. Pressing his athletic frame against her, his granite erection kneaded her voluptuous ass, and he began to

I Take Control

you fucking cunt?" I growl at her as my pace quickens. "Yes." She gasps between thrusts. I grab her hips and begin fucking her harder, wanting to bruise her wet little fuckhole. "You take it up your arse?" She's enjoying herself too much to answer. I reach under and grab her juicy right tit, I pull on her nipples hard. "Pull harder." She

The Hunting Grounds: Run or be... PART 1

a girl.“I know what you mean…” Robin said. “I never realised they took boys too… I guess people like us are just… unique?” she smiled and noticed him, for the first time. Robin was slim, able to fall into the cracks of androgyny, a beautiful girls features with some big blow job lips, mixed with the nice lines a man has. Judging by the slight

The Camp Nurse

did at that age.”Mom was perfectly honest. She and I had gotten closer since their divorce had been finalized. So I said, “In that case, I am the father. The other two girls got their periods after they went home.”Mom said, “You lucky boy. You got to fuck three girls all summer long. All I did was fuck your father and not in the good way

Whipped Cream at the Store

to the occasion. Now, I’m not one of those wonder of nature sized guys, but no one has ever labeled me puny either. And I have always been proud of what I have and how I use it for the best pleasure.So I found great delight in masturbating for my newfound peeping Tom.Spitting some saliva in my hand, I started pumping hot and heavy on my cock,

Chapter One: My Friend Carries Beginnings

was one of four siblings who were raised by extremely strict parents. After all we were the upper classes, and not expected to mingle with those below us. I was a plump girl, fat actually and not particularly attractive. At least that’s what I came to believe, although once away from home and with the help of make-up and a different hairstyle, I

Devils Eve

want to make him angry would we?’ Lucy unclenched her wet palms, bent over and picked up the deity never taking her eyes off the dark stranger. She carefully placed it back on the pedestal and cleared her throat. ‘Who… Who are you?’ Lucy nervously asked. The shadowy figure stepped into the dim light of the candles and pointed upward. ‘I’m his

Can You Count the Rain?

faint light before the moon slept I saw an open plain. On the plain stood a single buffalo, nothing else for mile and miles, only the one. As his shadow rolled over the grasses, I saw it stumble and fall. It lay on the ground with no legs and no hair. I ran to it and looked closer, I looked at its head, its face. Its eyes glowed in the moonlight

Hard & Fast

athletic build. She's got pert b-cup breasts with nipples jutting slightly upwards when they're at attention - pretty much an exact handful to grab and play with when we're making out. She has nicely rounded hips and ass, and has a fine set of flat abs as well.Her face is pretty, with a cute little nose - her part-Irish heritage shows through

Lady in Waiting Ch. 05

little rest. If she'd come this far in just three days, how much farther to the elven capital? The sheer distance was frightening – or at least, a bit worrisome. The world was still wrapped in a dreamy fog that seemed to dampen Kira's fear.That fog, Kira felt increasingly sure, was Lady Melia's doing. A side effect of her magic – or maybe a

One Night Only

I need to help this kid. He reminds me of my old college boyfriend. He was the spare part of his group of friends. Non-drinker, non-smoker, virgin. He lost it to me and his life changed after that. He became a douche-bag but at least I got to fuck a virgin. I giggle at the memory. I gesture for the bartender to come over and say, "four shots

Roomies - The Habit [Part II]

and slide out of his pants. Something about guys and their ability to disrobe with such little effort always amazed me. But I wanted his boxers off, or did I even need to go there?This time, he was conveniently centered on the bed, outstretched on his back and in a deep sleep. I did not even have to work for it this time. Eagerly, I reach out and

Moth Ch. 003

with permission of author: Nanna Marker, literotica ID ellynei. ‘Lei,’ screamed the voice. ‘Lei.’ Her father rushed to the ledge of their small hive, and raised his bow toward the sound. ‘Lei,’ screamed the voice. Her father shot an arrow, and the voice screamed with pain instead. It wasn’t until then that Lei recognised it. It was Oli. Her Oli.

Heavy Traffic Ch. 07

work within days.’ ‘Your team has no intelligence that might help identify the men described?’ asked Sean. ‘Not so far,’ said Mickey. ‘We are working with the local police departments’ gang and vice units to see if any of them might recognize the descriptions, but that will take some time. The warehouse has been under surveillance since we

Just to Get By III

night this is. We reach the car and suddenly Jay gently pushes me against the side. He leans over and kisses me, taking me by surprise. It wasnt the first time Id ever been kissed, but it was the first time a kiss ever sparked my body. I reach my arms up over his neck and kiss back. His hands wrap around my waist, gently squeezing. My hair blows

Accidental Anal

her pussy. Her left hand gently pinched her nipples and massaged her supple breasts. The water was getting lukewarm but Malika was heating up. She pushed her fingers deep inside her pussy and felt the heat there. She squeezed her breast harder, kneading it into a firm mound. She forced her two fingers deeper and let out a pleasurable moan. She

diary of the naughty school girl – day one part tw

mr tompson inserts his penis inside my vagina while mr baxter inserts his cock into my anus. they both bounce in unison and we all moan in pleasure. mr tompson, clearly a breast man, fondles my heaving boobs. 5.30 pm we finish and mr tompson says ‘same time tomorrow phoebe, every day for a week remember,’ he kisses me and gets dressed. he takes

The Third Door

to the hallway and begin walking because i’m here for something else.I continue walking until I reach the third door. My hands shake slightly with anticipation as I open it to reveal only a large bed taking up the space in the dark room. The air smells faintly of sex and I smile knowing soon i’ll be adding to the delicious aroma. I close my eyes

Seven Days of Lust Part 4

for their week of special surprises for one another.They sat and talked over what fun they had shared the night before, each torrid memory aroused them a little bit more. Finally, as they finished Dan told Kay to go upstairs and wait in the bedroom and he would be up shortly.As soon as Kay wandered up the steps Dan went into the den and pulled

Alleyway Quickie

nudged his cock against my cunt. Feeling him becoming more and more annoyed, I calmly reached around and took his throbbing cock into my hand.“It's alright, darling. Just keep calm.”Cock in hand, I slowly guided it and felt his cock-head slide into my wet hole. He was in ecstasy. I let go and let him push it all the way in. Billy began to pump

Redundant Cock and Pussy Takeover

strokes longer.But apart from that once, she'll bring me to the edge and then let go at the crucial moment. My cock jerks in a ruined orgasm. She stares into my eyes, then down at my quivering dick, and then back at my face, daring me to move at all. I manage not to. I grit my teeth as a single blob or two of cum dribbles down my erection. She


ready to help you. It’s much too big for my pussy hole. that much is obvious, but it doesn’t matter to you. You spread my legs wider. It looks painful. Pushing the tip of your cock against me. It’s new to you. I am new. You know what you want though, and as you push, harder, and harder, your cock thick and solid into me, slowly


of its lips, the darkness creep over his skin all shadows and longing and prickle his flesh with a kiss? She smiles as she closes her eyes and turns her face into the dwindling warmth of the dying light. The night approaches, stealing away from her Dreamer across the waves, returning home to roost once more in her heart. Her night peaks at the

The Neighbor

getting to the point where I can’t even function at work, and now even the geeks, and nerds, are turning me on. They should pass a law that it’s mandatory everyone gets laid at least once a day.. I decided I would spend my Saturday doing laundry. I gathered my clothes and headed down stairs to the laundry room. When I walked in I saw my neighbor,

Meeting James Chapter Ten, Part One

after we get back from the jewelry store."We both burst into laughter. Then, he stood up, extended his hand, and I took it. When I stood up, he swept me up into his arms and carried me up the stairs, crossing the threshold wedding night style. I wanted to kiss him so badly, but I also didn't want to distract him while we were ascending the

Naked Family Ep. 1: The Journey Begins

get a towel” Bella told her son.Bella proceeded to get a towel and wiped up the semen off of Dillon’s chest and as much as she could out of his forest of pubes. “There, that’s good enough. The rest will dry up and no one will notice it” Bella told Dillon.“Thanks mom…you know…for helping out” Dillon said.“Your welcome Dillon. And don’t worry about

A Family Man: Part 4 Discoveries

she would always be with Bonnie than Melanie, Audrey welcomed Melanie with open arms and the two formed their own unique bond together. Audrey saw Melanie as the "Alpha sub" even though we were not married and I made no such declaration. It didn't matter to Audrey though, as she recognized the bond that Melanie and I had was much like the one she

Home Schooling

cock-sucker."I sucked it in really deep, and moved my head up and down and used my tongue. He'd say 'faster,' and I'd suck faster. And he'd tell me to slow down and suck it in deep. I did that, too. I did everything he wanted."I felt him get extra, extra hard, and he said 'Don't stop, don't stop. Keep it in and suck it hard, 'cause I'm going to

Nude Wresting

down unties TheFoxes straps from the bikini top resting on her milky white muscular back as TheFox reaches back between her legs for PirateGirls sweet cunnie forcing her fingers in roughly once again. The crowd roars, Chainsaviar again adjusts his now solid rock hard throbbing cock … points to PirateGirl and extra points go to TheFox for the

Total Woman Requests 07

can breach her portal without the interruption associated with removal. The rear laced-up closure panels adjust the constriction from a loose, comfortable fit through an overly tight binding posture. ‘The satin exterior is smooth and plush. The silk lining is slick and cool. The stitching and seams are layered between them, isolated from all

She Made Me Do It

against the black stockings. I can see where that particular fetish comes from now. Yes, I did lick it off. I wasn’t going to put my new stockings away with my spunk on them. What kind of gurl do you think I am? I undressed and put my clothes away into a little black bag and hid them under the bed, waiting for another day when I will get some

Sea State Six

you can feel it moving with every wave. Being on the radar is great because you stay dry and the job is relatively easy (at least for me it is) and when you are doing combat exercises it is extremely tense and exciting. I love when I get to do the job I am paid to do. But being on a ship means you are a sailor first so we are left with other

War Torn Ch. 04

I was with a man, not a boy. During one such kiss, I became aware of an awakening sensation in my body. At first, I felt feverish—my cheeks were flushed and my limbs quivered as if I were chilled. Then, something deep within me began to open up like the blooming of a flower. I could not explain the sensation, but it made me long for his touch.

Jennifer & Her Guardian

him and he hadn’t changed in the year and half that has passed. David was humming some tune while flipping the French toast when he saw her. Although he smiled, Jennifer could see the sad look in his eyes. She tried to smile back but it didn’t last for long. Suddenly crying, she dropped her bag and hid her face in her hands. Before she knew it,

Fat Chance

time with men. They usually got their business finished far too soon. But now, for the first time, she was experiencing a strength of feeling, an urgent melting, a spasm that reached inside her, a presence of ecstasy, and a pure physical sensation that at last felt like what she’d read an orgasm should be. The sensation overwhelmed her. And when

Bad Girls

air and an old man between her legs. Lisa was on top of her guy moving her hips around working his dick. I was on my back and this man had his cock at the enterance of my pussy. I guided his cock into my wet pussy. I had never had a cock in my pussy before. I was not sure how this was going to fit but it slid in with ease. I could feel his hard

Aunt teaches her nephew a lesson: Chapter 2

of hours. At around 5:00, my aunt came to my room she said that my parents had asked her to make dinner for me and her and they would be back soon. My aunt said she couldn't be bothered so we ordered a takeaway. After finishing, we started watching Dating In The Dark, and halfway through we got bored and started making out. I was feeling her tits

Stella Disarmed

of the swamp, like an angel singing in hell. The swamp in Palmetto County is a dense wood growing in stagnant black water covered with patches of duckweed and similar growth, a frightful place at times, it’s the home of snakes and evil. Stories of slaves hiding in cypress swamps came to my mind. It must have been desperation that drove them to

LACY: Scrumping Stewarts Mom

entertained any conversation with the other woman during my entire performance. Instead, the attractive milf had her eyes deadlocked upon my crotch. Wherever I moved across the small dance floor, busting out Tone Lc lyrics into the microphone in my hand, the womans eyes would follow. With the closing of the ditty, the woman finally broke her

Quebec Women And Haitian Guys

appear to be into Black men but they’re always getting us into trouble. Look at what happened to Mike Tyson, Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods. All a White woman has to do is say a Black man did her wrong, and then he’s doomed. Sad but true. Not much has changed since the days of Emmett Till. I found myself confused and lonely in Ottawa. A young Black

Soccer Team Doctor and MILF - Part Two

dick and then said, “I’ve been sucking boy cock and eating boy cum from Harta’s pussy for two months now. I can’t seem to get enough. And for some reason I really like those dark cocks. That’s one reason I’ve been going to India so much, and why all I want to do is suck your pussy when I get home, fantasizing that it's full of boy cum. Please

Katie's Eden

I've caught myself a big one. He lets go of me; I unbutton his shorts and let them fall to the ground. On my knees in the dirt, I can get a better look at Lars' very big uncut cock. It's not so much his length, but his massive width which fascinates me. Immediately, I have to know how much of it I can fit in my mouth. Swirling my tongue around

The Hayloft

today, maybe a little warmer. I take you up to my relative’s farmette to go out horseback riding. I am wearing jeans and my boots, a t-shirt and a flannel shirt, not buttoned or tucked in, and my hat. You are wearing the same, except no hat.I take you into the barn to grab the saddle, saddle blankets and reins and introduce you to the horses. I

Picnic Table Jerk Off (Another one of my wife’s college adventures.)

He exploded. She said the first spurt erupted several inches out of his dick. He continued to cum in a long continuous stream. She was enthralled by his flow of dick cream. She gently squeezed his dick to get all of the cum out. She used his dick cream as a lubricant and gently stroked his bent boner until it came back to life. He was very

My life Pt 5.5

was kissing me. As soon as her lips touched mine i was already hard. she stood up and undid her pants and i slipped mine off.she got back on top of me. As she did she took all of my penis inside of her, after about five minutes on top we switched into missionary. God she is amazing. i slipped back in and just kept kissing her. Thrusting deeper

Who Are You?

to the road in a patch of soft grass. The car and the beautiful, naked, mysterious woman had left. I quickly felt for my wallet, keys, and the pepper foam I always carry with me for self defense. They were there. I wondered if I had dreamed about the woman. Perhaps I got sleepy while walking along the road to nowhere, and took a nap. Then I

Sister Mildred and The Halloween Ghost (Revised 2017)

time to take her “final” vow for a lifetime of abstinence and denial of physical pleasure of the common flesh. Her imagination could not possibly devise any situation of terminal temptation that would prompt her to open her private passageways to the sordid needs of the opposite gender.That was especially true inside the confines of the Abbey

The Bathroom Surprise

finger. “The last four guys came in my mouth and left before I could get off”, she pushed back harder as I fingered her, slowly stroking my cock. I pulled my finger out and tasted it before sliding two in. It was even tighter now, as she moaned louder and pushed against me at a steady pace. “Please, I need some cock, sir”, she moaned as she

Macho Man Handles Female Stalker

She got her fat ass out of my apartment. I smiled, and made copies of the video. Some of them I would watch personally for fun. Others I mailed to an attorney I was friends with. I wasn't underestimating Jamella. Underestimating women is the stupidest thing a man can do. If I ever disappeared, or got hurt, or just died, the tape would go from my

One Day in His Life

work again. "Not all tired out? What more could possibly happen than this? It was wonderful."Terry leaned over to face him sideways, her breast pressing against his arm. She cupped his now flaccid cock with one hand, and played with his hair with the other. Then, she said,"There is more than meets the eye, here, hon.""Oh?" replied Brian.Then,

My Sex-Packed Holiday Part Nine – A Final Threesome

to rub at it, her fingers alternating between fast and slow up-and-down movements. As Matt’s cock pumped in and out, I could feel the clitoral stimulation from her fingers start to propel me towards orgasm. “Oh God, oh yes,” I gasped, “That’s it, don’t stop.” Her fingers began to move faster, and my breathing hastened to match them. I was

my wifes niece

I had to be inside her when I stuck my cock in her hot box she arched her back and took me in. I turned her over and began slamming her pussy doggystyle she stopped me and laid me on my back and gave me the ride of my life we both were ready to let go.  She then stopped and laid on her back and started rubbing her clit and to my surprise she

My Step Daughter Alexis Part 7

I loved the feel of her nipples between my lips. They were large enough to wrap my lips around them and swirl with my tongue. Alexis loved me paying attention to them. Her hands were running up and down my back as I moved from one to the other.Finally, I kissed my way down to her belly. It was a little larger now, but not enough to be really

Alexis Being A Smart Ass

he was always looking for a good deal so she called him and asked if he would like to purchase the items from her. He agreed to do so. They arranged to meet at her storage unit to complete the transaction.She arrived 10 minutes earlier than expected. She was nervous with anticipation of seeing him again. It had been so long. She hoped he would be

Seducing The Beautiful Ashley

my way and after showing my wife the video here comes a super surprise.My wife said I want to share another of her fantasy and she wanted to have wild and hot sex with a young boy maybe 14-18 year and Jason was the perfect match.I was a bit shocked but agreed for our next plan to get Jason and I would get ashley. After the summer arrived my wife

My Love, My Life, My Goddess Ch. 01

6 or 7 smacks, alternating cheek to cheek before stopping. "Damn this hurts my hand." you say.You leave the room only to come back in with a range of potential corporal punishment devices - a cat o' nine tails whip, one of my belts, a riding crop, a cane, a brush and a tawse. You take a leather strap, tie it around my balls pushing them together

Haunted House Sex Story

I was holding on to a false hope. Around eight that evening, the owner of the haunted house announced we would be closing at nine. We hadn’t had but three customers all evening. I waited in the darkened corner of the house. I was bored and I was more than ready to go home. It had been a good run and I had managed to scare quite a few folks and

The Swinging Door Ch. 02

Marie Antoinette, who, with high-coiffed blonde hair and a small beauty mark on her left cheek, devoured the petite gateau and smacked her painted lips lasciviously. King Louis, not to be outdone, stuck his tongue out to lick a few stray cake crumbs that had tumbled into the deep cleft of his wife’s barely-contained breasts while Marie squealed

Good Morning Sir

tightly behind me, wrapping one hand around my throat to tip my head back to receive your kiss while your other hand tangles itself in the chain connected to my nipples and pulls, causing me to arch farther back into you. You remove the nipple clamps and instruct me to crawl up on the bed, and lie face down, arms and legs spread. You then connect

First time Bathroom Sex

when I received a call from this girl whom I had met the summer before, while fighting forest fires. I would go into the local town and frequent this one bar and that's where I met Gina. She was a hot local girl but she didn’t look local at all. You see, this was a smallish town in the Pacific Northwest which was predominantly white, like myself.

As Requested

and realize you've got shoes and coat off and are reaching for your shirt. "Excuse me? what are you doing?""Assisting" says you as you reach for the tie on my robe. I bat at your hands; "I've still got shampoo in my hair! assist later!"You get to the tie and my robe is off and your hands and mouth are everywhere at once, kissing me biting on my

Seduction On The Sun Deck: Part 2

in making her moan. "That's it, honey, give me all that length, keep stroking. Do you feel like you're going to cum?" Releasing her nipple from his mouth, Josh looked down at her. "No, Ms. Wilkinson, I think your handjob earlier did the trick." "That's good," Julia purred, looking up, taking in the look of pleasure and concentration on his face.

Where Has He Been

she doesn't want this new fantastic sensation to stop she askes him to stop. As his mouth and fingers leave her clit and dripping wet pussy she grabs his hair and pulls him to her. She kisses him passionately. She feels his hard cock against her throbbing pussy and askes if wants to put it in her. He smiles and says "no baby that was all for

Our Night Out

at me as you casually finished your drink. I sent you another, and gave the waitress the nod to say from whence it came. You turned slowly on your swivel bar chair and looked over the rim of your glass as you held my gaze. Then you put your glass on the edge of the bar and did something I have never seen you do. You uncrossed your legs, and

Sleeping with the Enemy

for a few beers. Him and I ended up staying later than the rest, practically closing the bar. As the night progressed, it became apparent that Mike had become rather intoxicated, even more so than myself. Since I was the more sober of the two, which really didn’t say much, I offered to drive him home. He gladly accepted. We arrived at the

Master Always Knows: Part Two

plenty of lube for your ass fucking."She felt sick. He vibrated her clit like crazy, loving watching her muscles strain and twitch all around. His dick was so down her throat she couldn't breathe. After a minute of that, he pulled out. She coughed and spluttered, breathing in air."Suck my nuts bitch. There like that, now put one in your mouth.

Hero Worship and Nocturnal Emissions

touching it, my cock would suddenly explode its creamy white fluid in great bursts all down the shower curtain. Only then would I touch my still swollen cock, to squeeze the last drops of cum into the running water, as I would watch the strings of spunk slithering down the plughole out of sight. The evidence of these regular aquatic misdemeanours

Fucking with Mum and Dad

it had been obvious for some time that he fancied Mum. I often caught him trying to look up her skirt when she reached up to a shelf for anything, and he was actually muttering ‘I’m fucking you Mum’ when I found him masturbating into a pair of her panties.She stood over him, pushing her panties down on his face. “Lick me, then, Lee – lick my

A Loving Family?

Well, not very hard, I admit. My main priority was to see if I could get some tail, and it wasn’t working out to my satisfaction. I could understand why, I wasn’t one the jock stars or even one of the scholastic whizzes, but I’m not exactly an ugly gargoyle either. I’m a little over six feet tall, with a nice build from working out regularly.

Kindness Ch. 03

at the airport. It felt great to be home, for at least the next thirty days. That night, my wife and I were watching the 11:00 news and there was a report from St. Jude’s Hospital about several special visitors who had come to see the young patients. Five of the Miss America contestants had visited there all afternoon. Imagine my shock when the

A Maiden's Tale

Riley waited as I packed a small bag of clothes and mementos, with a tearful goodbye from my parents we departed in his coach.The carriage ride was quite with little said by either of us. After arriving at his apartments he led me to his room, and told me to put my stuff away."From this day forward you will wear no clothing in this house so strip

sl**p-over at johnny’s

dick and starts jackin off. in front of me nd joe . joe and i thought it was a signal for us to have a threesum, so me and joe started kissing. and johnny yells out ‘wadd da phuck???’.. ‘wtf r u guys doin?’ …embarrrased by wat jusst happend we grabbed our stuff and headed torward da door. johnny come behind us quick and ask us if were gay.. we


across her black stained lips, as she applies force over the prisoner's stomach, gasping, she tries to squirm away. The Mistress frowns for a brief second before bringing her foot back and sending another sharp kick against the girl's ribs. Coughing up another small bubble of blood she rolls over onto her stomach, curing up in a tight ball.

Garwyli 05

it, over and across, then round and round it. Her hips started to rise and I pushed hard with my tongue squishing it beneath the tip. She wriggled her hips against me, relaxing back to the bed. She stretched her arms around my waist, letting my cock slip right into her mouth, then swallowing it down and giving it four strokes before backing off

Black Paradise On Earth

and untrustworthy. Many of these young black men were decent. Some were bad but not all. Regardless, all of them were blamed for the actions of those who came before them. So they learned to distrust black women. They sought love, happiness and acceptance in the arms of women of other races. Especially white women. That is such a sad state of the


ass to my new lover."Fuck me hard, my mutt, and you better make it good, or there'll be no encore performance for you."With that, I felt his hard cock invade my ass slowly, pushing deeper and deeper. The pleasure of his cock in my bung was overwhelming, and my cunt gushed juice that flowed freely over his balls as his cock flooded my ass with cum.

Joining the Squad Ch. 3

gently, but soon her hands were in my hair and she was passionately kissing me. There we were, making out in the front seat of my car. Her lips felt so good, making my cock ache and swell inside my pants. I was moaning deeply into her mouth as she kissed me. Finally, I reached up and took her head in my hands as well, kissing her back hard. When

Goodbye Ass Cherry

down on his knees and bend over the side of the bed. Thus, his rosy red ass was exposed to me in all it's glory. I applied a good amount of lube to my index finger and proceeded to rub it all around his anus. Once it was slippery all around his asshole and his butt crack, I gently inserted my finger. He moaned as I poked gently in and out. "Does

The Second Night in the Cabin

against his back and realizing that Nadia wanted this threesome to happen almost as much as he did, Jimmy decided to make his move. When a slower song came on Jimmy turned to Julie and pulled her closer so he could grind with her. Jimmy could hear Julie’s breath quicken somewhat at the erotic dancing, when Nadia came around behind her sandwiching

Mary & Louisa Ch. 02

of her orgasm – she sucked and bucked with her. However, the minute the Mary's orgasm was over Louisa moved away.'So!' Louisa said, licking Mary's juices from her lips, 'You think you can cum whenever you want to?? You will be so punished!!' And Mary was subjected to the sweetest but most torturous whipping she had thought possible. Her ass was

Introduction to Lust

know who we are with. We have a couple of unwritten rules. We always use condoms with new friends, and encourage old friends to do the same. I should always consider her needs ahead of anyone else’s, and I think she might do the same for me. Finally, neither of us is allowed to pressure the other to "take one for the team." Given this final rule,

Bart's Night with the Aunts: Simpsons Porn Story

definitely something that she would enjoy more in the future irrespective whether it was patty’s pussy or maybe even her other sister marge. All of this hot action had got Bart hard again as he had been watching closely and lets face it which boy is not going to find two older women making out?. He was desperate to join in as he could no longer

Jack and the Rollercoaster Ch. 05

brownie points with him. And the Golden boys, as I call them. Men who believe themselves handsome, who cannot pass a mirror without an admiring glance at themselves. Men who believe that it is their right to have a good looking girl on their arm. I’ve been there, Jack and I felt demeaned, angry with myself for boosting their self-image or their

Daughter's leftover

too. Can I?""No, you cannot, and you wouldn't!""I would, for you." Sarah laughed "And for me" and they both laughed. "I'll open another bottle for us. I'm so glad that this worked out, I was missing you.""I miss you too, I'm so excited about it, we have the whole weekend.""Hey, you can come anytime, or move here if you want. What I'll do with all

Under Sufferance

the moment I clapped eyes on her but, at the same time, I’m also assuring you that I couldn’t stand to be in the woman’s presence. My reasons for not liking her were manyfold. Most obvious I suppose, because her presence in his life had caused the rift between Bill and myself. And yeah well, I suppose that there was the possibility that the fact

The Erotic Wanderings of Lorna Zimmerman Part I

itself on her. The storm picked up in the darkened canvas around them and the wind started howling raising the sand off the beach; Illya’s warm juicy cock entered her through her pink wet slit again and again, and by the strength of those wild eyes Lorna felt she was at home. She wanted nothing more than for Illya to keep rubbing her clitoris and

3 Guys 1 Virgin (part 3)

it was definitely an experienced that I will always remember.I was texting one of my friends earlier and forgot to text her back and when I checked the time of the last text it was nearly an hour ago. I texted my friend back even though I knew she'd joke with me for texting her back so late.My mind was pretty much blank when I got home. I didn't

The Ring Ch. 01: Meeting

my feet every day because I am his light and that is the place that he chooses."She has me fixed in her gaze now, unblinking. She sips from her glass and continues."This man will be, in some ways, my servant. He will cook and clean, drive and shop, deliver me from the tiresome mundanities of daily life. But he will be cherished in a way that

When The Magic Almost Died

job. My job is to spoil you rotten. Or what would be the fun of being a grandma Dunky? So you just pick the toy you want, just one toy mind you, but any one that you want.’ Of course picking just one toy from such a vast array piled to the ceiling in row after row of endless isles would be like trying to find the perfect cherry from an entire

At the Bar: an unexpected encounter…

there, buster. If you think it was easy to leave the two of you you're really not well informed. I hope I'm getting you wrong that you try to accuse me of being a cold blooded witch?” “No you're not. It is hard yes, but it appears that someone sitting right next to me could do it without hesitation!” Her mug was empty. She poured herself another

The Wrath of Gaia pt 11

not more and it was killing her to stop me, so the look of hurt on my face must have been like daggers to her. I felt horrible for letting her feel this way and tried to fix it by moving my hands away from her shirt giving her one more soft kiss on the lips before pulling us both back up to sit on the couch again. I pulled her into my arms and

Come As You Are

to mind. She wished she could just go back to bed–as she passed the clock in the tiny kitchen, she saw that it was well after midnight. But that phone call nagged at her. Instead, she walked out of the apartment, closing and locking the door behind her. The voice did seem somewhat familiar, Lila thought as she padded down the hallway in her bare

BBC for Teacher- Part 3

began to use two fingers to drive in and out of my pussy. "No," I moaned, pumping my hips to get him deeper into me. "Interesting," he replied. He dropped his head back down to my pussy and continued to tease my clit as his fingers drove in and out, tickling my g-spot. I began to moan louder, humping his head, and grabbing him closer. "Mmmmm

A Venetian Story

advisor.He heard the whisper to his right, "Signore, follow me." It was Angela, he followed her to a dark street and then into a house. And there she was, waiting for him, smiling lovingly. Her arms embraced him and they fell onto a canopied bed, while Signora Angela rested in the room next door. They touched each other with the frenzy of

The EX Ch 1

Pulling at her core. She pinched her nipple. She removed her fingers and put them in her mouth. Tasting the wonderfully juices. She quickly slid her fingers back inside that wanting pussy. She pumped her fingers in harder. She wanted to cum. She wanted that release. She wasn't going to make herself wait anymore. Faster she plunged her fingers

Orgasm Control and the Sissy

to be really good with this, they needs to really know the sissy and when the dominant is really good with this, the sissy rides a rollercoaster of eroticism. Often, during the periods of denial, the sissy becomes quite eager to please the dominant. In such a vulnerable state, they can become helpless and easily manipulated. Some sissies mention

First meeting

Suddenly I am awoken from my reverie by a tap at the door. I hasten to it and open so that you can slip in. We do not say a word. We do not need to. We both know why you have come, and why I am there, and what we both want. We have spoken of it too often. You come into my arms and our lips meet tenderly in greeting, then to part and our tongues


on it for several minutes and since there was no shot provided for her, she raised up and lowered her panties to take me up whatever chute that I wanted. I chose the pussy this time.As she was bouncing on my lap, with me fully installed in her, I heard a noise behind us and it was the Madame curiously observing our connection. She laughed a bit

My Slut and a BDSM Party Ch. 01

four floors each equipped with various dungeons and toys to satisfy your lady here. Each floor more extreme than the last, now what will you have?" "Ill have a tequila on the rocks with a lime and she will have a shot of the same and a glass of your Malbec" I said without any hesitation. Our drinks poured and our buzz back on track we observed.

Tommy The Tongue

she screamed, ‘fuck me. Just like that, baby. Just like that. Fuck my asshole. T love you fucking my asshole. Oooooooh, I love it when you fuck my asshole. Aaaaaaaaah! I love my asshole fucked. Keep fucking my ass. I love your big cock. I love it in my ass. Aaaaaaaaah, I love it in my ass. Fuck my ass. Fuck it good.’ I fucked it good, nice and

Fantasy Gets Real in Real Estate Ch. 02

of the heat remaining…little did I know how much I had underestimated this woman.After checking in I called her to tell her where I was, and she said that she was just a couple blocks from there and would bring coffee and be right over, I gave her the room number and hung up, a short time later there was a knock at the door.I opened the door to

Capturing the Moment

her lust when they were half closed and she was on the brink of orgasm. Her lush full lips made men hard when they saw her. They longed to have those lips wrapped around them and exploring every inch of their bodies. Her high firm tits did not show her age, but begged to be taken in your mouth or have your cock thrust up between them. Her legs

Higher Education Ch. 01

fit perfectly, unlike Alexis she hadn’t gained much weight. The dark color contrasted nicely with her fair skin and blonde hair and made her dark brown eyes stand out. She could hear Alexis coming down the hall so she slipped on the finishing touches, black heels to compensate her 5’1′ height. ‘Are you almost ready because…’ Alexis called as she

when i was very horny

that to be two pairs,and if bother me We sit in different rooms.I said that bothers me and Im not ready for that so he left me to stay in the living room and Bogdan and her and old boyfriend in the bedroom.I finished showering and went with Cristina in the living room.Bogdan and the other man was there completely naked .I was shocked by the way


stockings and black heels."Wanna dance?" she asked after she returned. The meal was over and the floor was filling with people as the pace and volume of the music picked up."Sure," I said. I normally hate dancing, but I'd had enough booze to not care much about how I looked. And I wanted to get to know Lara more.She left her shoes at the table,

A Getaway to Remember - The Finale

pussy against my face, sliding it over my lips, my tongue, my nose and my chin. I extended my tongue, darted in and out of her dripping tight hole, then up and down to her clit and back into her pussy. It was as if our tongues were being operated by a single person, the pressure and the speed were the same. As I pressed harder so did Jessica.

Our Spanking Ritual M/F Part 2

the coffee and water, and by sticking my breasts in his face. I know it is always a big turn-on for him to see my breasts like this. Then when I poured the gravy on his mashed potatoes and accidentally missed his plate, he finally threatened to spank me. But he finally took me over his lap for a spanking when I missed with the canned

A Pussy to Avoid at All Costs

that my dick was NEVER going in there! Now I still had a horny dick to do something with, so I finished the job by hand by myself. Latoya watched, but I didn’t invite her to participate. Even I have some limitations. I fired a good load too. Maybe the fear of catching her disease made all of this a degree more exciting. I wiped myself clean with

Mall Security

shoplifting at that point in time.  All of that is outlined in this form here.”“And if I don’t sign it?”“I call the police right now and you are arrested and charged with the crime now.”“So, like, the whole mall?  Not just that store.  The whole mall.  Food court, movie theater?“Everything.”She shrugged.“Whatever.  I guess it’s better than going

Brad and Sylvie

ourselves," said Brad abruptly. "Uhm ...... yes ....alright," Sylvie replied, in a daze. "I don't know what happened in the pool Sylvie, but I am so sorry." "I don't think either of us has anything to be sorry for Brad, I think we both know what we want from each other; don't you?  Please Brad, I need you." She trailed her fingers over his bare

Opening Laurie

and I set up the chess board. Terri went to take a shower. While getting us something to drink, I decided to take a chance. Coming up behind Laurie, without any warning, I reached over her shoulders into her loose fitting blouse. I grabbed both tits, and lightly kissed her neck. She instantly gasped, brought her hands to mine, and

Jake's Saga - Ch 4. Extra Credit

her hair while the second on the brow of her mask, staining the velvet fabric. He emptied what was left in his balls into her mouth. Her eyes locked onto his, those pink eyes stared at him. She swallowed as much as she could but a little bit of Cum dripped out from the corner of her mouth, resting on her chin. His balls now empty, the woman

After Cyber Sex

info. It was not that they were headed anywhere, but rather a tease, or temptation to meet again another night to interact and have fun together. It turned out that they were chatting and heating up the lines often. Sometimes very, very naughty, hot, explicit and erotic talk. One could even say out of this world. Their words painting pictures

The Family Reunion

on?’ my wife asks. ‘ nothing, your husband grabbed my ass. He thought I was you.’ shannon replyed. My wife and Shannon both laugh. After skinny dipping my wife and I go to our tent and I get to do what I love best, which also my wife loves and is for me to lick and suck her pussy and clit. She loves to sit on my face and let me lick and suck her


her bare bum, Joe watched feeling his 60 year old dick going solid in his trousers, when her mum finished Cindy stood up Joe looked straight at her hairless slit and smiled, Cindy ran from the room crying. A couple of hours later Joe went to his neighbours Cindy was sat in just a gown her mum drunk from the Gin Joe had given her, Cindy felt safe

Boy meets Girl (Part 1)

his scent it smelled even much better from up close. He then pulled me closer and I sat on top of his lap grinding onto his crotch his tongue slipped past my lips and soon met mine, he tasted yummy too, I let out a soft moan as his hand slipped under my top and onto my breasts,my hands reached down for his belt. His lips left mine and we were

Linda and Bobby, First time

had them put their hands behind them. They could avoid looking at each other but they couldn’t avoid being seen in all their glory.Jen moved behind Bobby and reached around him to rub his chest and nipples. “Linda, you need to be watching and enjoying how Bobby’s body looks. Later you’ll see how it feels for yourself.”Then Jen moved her hands

Balls and Penis Jail

to the head. But Peter looked different. He had an upward curve like a banana. His base was very thick and it became thinner toward the head. But the head was really big than the shaft and it looked like a mushroom."Length"? asked the officer.July and Stacy took a wooden scale and measured it from the tip to base. Because Peter's cock was a

The Ride Home

urge that will not be quenched. Dual carriageway commences. “Stop touching me, I don’t like it.” Hand moves from thigh to steering wheel. Other hand moves from steering wheel to fly, unzipping. Thank goodness for open front boxers. Erection emerges. I can sense her looking. “Then you touch me.” “No fucking way.” “My car, my rules. Or would you

AOB – How To Conclude A Meeting

had promised? Colin said, ‘Are you all right Lynda? – do you want to nip out and change?’ Lynda’s reply was the surprise. ‘No Colin, I don’t want to interrupt the meeting. I’ll just hang it on the radiator and it’ll be dry by the end of the meeting. No problem.’ She stood up and as she resumed her analysis of Alex’s idea began to unbutton the

Shazia; A tale of transformation From conservative Muslim girl to a cock addict slut, Part 2.

juices. I asked her if she too was a squirter. She said she is sorry for not being one. She explained me that men really like squirting girls. We hurriedly changed the bed sheet, dressed ourselves and unlocked the room as Puja’s brother was due home. I could not concentrate on anything now. The joint studies were just hard even to think. That

Better late than never

how the hell was it this easy tonight when we hadn't been able to do it years before? "Yeah, oh fuck, this is amazing, it's so tight. It feels like when we first had sex all over again. Does it hurt?" "Not anymore baby, start moving into me more, come on baby, fuck my arse!" I was starting to feel like such a dirty little slut with his cock balls

Bald Headed Bumps

her pussy lips spread against the back of his baldhead. Zack excited by the hot sticky sensation of Shelia’s pussy pressed against his baldhead, rotated his head up and down then sideways as he stimulated Shelia’s clitoris. He could feel her wetness drip down the back of his neck. Shelia leaned forward and began to moan softly in Zack’s ear. Her

Sisters By The Pool Part 13

in her blue and white cheer outfit. She stepped inside and gave me a nice long hug. Even though she just came from cheerleader practice, she looked very nice, hair not too out of sorts, and smelled good, too. We walked into the living room and sat down on the couch together. She stretched her legs out onto my thighs and smiled at me. I looked at

His Obedient Pet

she was a good girl he hung up.Spreading her legs wider she squatted slightly and released her bladder, allowing the rest of her piss to stream to the ground. Then as it sputtered and emptied, she used her fingers to push the beads back up her aching cunt.Finished, she went into the house, undressing and quickly but carefully showering so she

Disabled Mother In Law

coming over once a month for sex and not in the same week either. It had disturbed her that he had sex with his own sisters but it really bothered her when he had sex with her younger sisters. He had actually taken her youngest sister’s virginity when she was only sixteen years old. Gretchen still remembered the smug look on her youngest sister’s

Tikas home visit

I felt him shoot thick pulsing deposits of come into me. Then he just collapsed over me, pinning me to the bed with his heavy body. I tried to get out from under him but he would grumble and I knew that he would wake if I rolled him off me so I resolved to just lie there, eventually I fell asleep. When I woke, he was gone leaving my body sore and

Seen the Lights go out on Broadway.

her jeans, then pulled them down over her butt. Her panties came with them, leaving her entirely naked, once she kicked them off. Her bottom half was just as mouth watering as the top. Athletic, and proportionately long, shapely legs came together at her pussy lightly covered in blond hair, making her look almost hairless.Mark mentally checked

The Most Beautiful Art

‘You’ve watched me?’ he asked in apparent amazement. I felt a red flush creeping up my neck to my cheeks as he stared at me. ‘Carly, I don’t hang with everyone, they hang with me. They aren’t my friends, I don’t actually think I have any here.’ He looked so sad suddenly that I put my hand out to him reflexively to comfort him. ‘What are you

first time

messed about with a couple of girls, but hadn’t really done anything too serious. I certainly didn’t see myself as anything less than a straight teenager. So a few weeks after my 18th birthday I had to travel to London to see some people. I got on my train, and settled down to watch my journey pass by through the window. I supposed I must have

A Monkey on her Back Chapter three

ears, and she had a lovely big grin on her face."OWW." She shrieked as I kissed her neck, but she was laughing, and I slid my arms around her waist,"Mmm," She said without even turning round, "I don't know who you are, but if you stop, I'll kill you."I didn't stop, I ran my hands up beneath her tee shirt and over her breasts, her nipples were

Jaya Nessa's Slut Adventures Ch. 14

again and again, swallowing all of his cum, until he collapsed back into the chair, watching her continue to suck every drop of cum from his dick. Jayanessa knew he was getting ready to cum, her mouth working harder and harder to get the load she so desperately needed.Then she felt him tense, yanking her head into his crotch so hard she breath

Beach fun part 2

see Maria clapping for us at the edge of the table, slightly hidden by the corner of the wall. I was furious.“Seriously Maria? What the fuck.”“How do you guys do that?”“Get John. He’ll violate you even better.”“Fuck no. He tried to get me last night at the beach and I said no. Janey doesn’t even like him.”“What do you want then?”“Do that to

Will From NYC

I was.Get naked and make love.The drive to the hotel felt like an eternity, luckily the check-in process was quick. We took our bags to the room and my heart raced even faster than at the airport.Will kissed me again, when he tried to pull away I pulled him back in.Finally, I broke the kiss, looked him in the eyes. He smiled and nodded. It was

Renata's Vacation Ch. 05

thin material, under the lights. She made a show of resistance as Sergio cuffed her wrists to the chains above her head, and fastened her ankle-restraints to the clips in the floor. With one sudden movement, he tore her negligee from neck to ground, ripping it from her body. The, picking up a long, thin cane from the tray, he sent it whistling

Strip and Rape

in a puddle around her naval. The man fingered a bit of the goo and smeared it on her face. He then went over and let his friend have his turn. The new guy smiled at her and stood up to flip her on her butt. He then proceeded to pull her half removed panties of one leg, again, Mei Lin tried to fight him but failed. She tried to clamp her legs

Different Dads, Different Daughters - Chapter 1

sharing her voyage into womanhood with the man she loved more than anything else in the world. Eventually the fog lifted in her brain as she became more aware of reality. Patty could feel the warmth and tenderness of her Dad’s kisses, and struggled to meet his every touch.“Oh God, Dad! That was incredible! No, more than that, but I can’t find the

Spanking on the Ranch

of life than he did. Sometimes he taught me by what he said and did. Other times, he taught me by taking me over his knee or put me over the bed and gave me his belt. Through our church, I got a position at a large and very profitable ranch. In those days, boys would apprentice at such places and, if they did well, be given a position. I was a

Whispering lust

him. Only when he laid me down onto my back and leaned over, I could catch a glimpse of his silhouette. The moonlight helped a bit. He was about 6 feet, athletic build, not older than 25 or so. He sat between my legs with his knees pressed over my thighs. He leaned down and smelled my neck, before letting out a light mmmmm. He smelled nice, too.

Finding a Lost Puppy Ch. 04

all the packages to the spare bedroom for today. I didn't want Puppy to get excited or me for that matter. I reminded her of no activity til after the Friday morning therapy session.The beds were actually comfortable to sleep on and the lights in the headboard were a plus. The edges were a slight problem, something else to put on the shopping

My First Day as an Office Junior

other. He whispered to me, “You remind me of my stepdaughter. She was very pretty and a good girl, like you, except she used to go commando. Made it easy for me, it did.” He wiggled his finger inside me, commenting on how good it felt. “There’s a camera in front of you, so if you don’t want to get into trouble you best just smile and open your

My Science Teacher, Mrs. Ferril Part 2

around her very hard nipples. They were so hard I could have hung my baseball cap on them."You like that, dont you, Nico?""Oh yes Tracy, that is so hot. I want to look up that sexy skirt.""You are going to have to wait you naughty boy." She took my hard cock back in her mouth, and started sucking it all the way down, and then licking it on the

Avery Dirty Date Night 02 - Saturday

now bouncing up and down on one of their cocks, her buttplug still lodged in her pretty little asshole, while the others still took turns fucking her mouth and having their cocks stroked. "Get over here slut!" I heard my wife demand through the mouthfuls of cock. "Take the plug from my ass and stuff it in his mouth." She instructed the guy she

after you part 1

had a boyfriend..no she said it had been awile...me too i supposed..after eating i asked her if she would help me cover the Motorcyce, i was still raining and i wanted to use the oppturnity to get her wet to...she agreed and i took out the canvas and haned it to her with some straps..as she worked the canvas onto the bike her shirt was soaked and


the sounds of beating hearts and shifting furniture. He was begining to lose focus, to fall into a state of animal passion and his hands responded, one moving from her neck to the back of her blouse, seeking the clasp of her bra, the other worked it’s way to the waistband of her trousers, slipping between the elastic of her panties and warm,

Beneficially HIS

remember the last time George and I had made love. I mean, I knew it was about ten days ago, but was it Saturday or Sunday? Even worse, it was the same as the time before and the time before that. A little cuddling, some kissing and ..poof!...done! It’s not that I didn’t achieve orgasm, oh no, George always made sure of that, but it was routine,

The Hollow Pill, Part 3

and keep your cool, okay?”Lucinda nodded.In the lobby, Penny made a call on her cellphone. “Greg? We’re here. Where did you see him last?” A pause. “Okay.” She ended the call. “He saw them go through there.” She pointed past the north end of the lobby to a set of double doors with a sign that said Fitzgerald Room. It seemed odd to Lucinda that

Why I Hated The Guy From The FBI Ch. 12

any of the girls, so you will have company from time to time. We will come to you Papa, do not come to us, you could lose everything including your freedom.’ ‘It could be a case of mistaken identity, couldn’t it?’ ‘Papa, there is too much of your DNA running around Milan. You and Mama were too successful having children. Your children were too

A New Toy

she reached the bed, she was wearing nothing but her lacy black bra and panties. She wished vaguely for her garters, but all thought vanished as she took out her new purchase and laid it on the bed in front of her.She stood there for a couple beats, looking at the sleekness and perpetual hardness of the black cock and felt herself getting wet.

Pushing The Envelope

tells me she loves my eyes though, because they have different colors mixed in and show at different distances from the pupil. A darker emerald green outer ring gives way to a brown interior. I'm also a little heavier than average, but my althetic type body helps conceal it very well. This doesn't really bug me, I've been this way my entire life.

My Goddess

the pit of my stomach and I had doubts. I fear the worst again that I scared her off and she wouldn’t speak to me. That or I mistook her for someone else. The doubt gets to me and I nearly click out of the chat fearing what she is about to tell me as I see the “luvlyAnna”“I thought it was you, Michael, in that picture,” she typed adding a smiley

The Visitors 2

All of a sudden Kim’s body went limp, she had passed out from the non-stop fucking she had just got.A couple of minutes latter Kim was awake. Now Kim & Amber went to work on Ashley’s body, Amber got up & grabbed the vibrator. Amber started licking Ashley’s pussy until it got nice & wet. With one quick push Amber buried the vibrator in Ashley’s

Lucky, Lucky Luke

no way should he say she looked gorgeous. ‘At least she looks trustworthy. Yeah I should take a look at the setup.’ ‘You mean an interview at her home?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘She says here she would interview any candidates at her office and she’s interviewed four applicants.’ ‘Please advise her that I wished to see where I would sleep and hang out. Take my

Linda Saga Of Lust And Love Ch. 01

Loading Linda into her nice car they went shopping. Instead of the mall they went to Blooms, an expensive downtown women’s store which she knew was way out of her league. It was the kind of store that when you looked at the display windows you never saw any prices or sales signs and you knew not to bother going inside. Mrs. Thurston was greeted

One Incredible Night

sounds and locked her legs around me, holding me tight against her body. We lie there on the bed, recovering, and kissing. I caressed her cheek and told her I loved her. She ducked her head, and I knew I had over stepped. She’s known my feelings for her for a long time now. After a minute, she looked up at me with that expression I had seen

A Forbidden Relationship

exists. We are in our own little world where you are the object of all my thoughts and affections. You fulfill the emptiness within me and I neither need nor want anything else but to be with you at that time. –Austin, Dec 19, 2003. And they were both naked and were not ashamed… For several days, I had a hard time speaking to Austin after his

kitty Waited Ch. 11

A/another that night. From time to time Master would tease His kitty a bit but she didn't stir because she was dead asleep. He liked doing that even when she was sleeping because it always got a reaction. He knew better then to go too far with His teasing with her sleeping though.The next morning, kitty awoke like she always did before Master's